What are some tips to being an executor?

Being named an executor of an estate likely means that you’ve lost someone close to you. Dealing with death is never easy and overseeing the estate can be complicated, but staying organized can help you manage things smoothly. We’ll show you what to do when you become executor of the estate and what steps you should take to stay on track.

An executor is considered the “personal representative” of the estate and is legally responsible for protecting the home, savings and other assets of the deceased person — perhaps a parent or grandparent — until the probate process is complete and the assets are disbursed. Your main job will be to make sure the assets are distributed according to the deceased’s will or trust.

  1. Obtain the death certificate
  2. Find the will or trust
  3. Seek advice
  4. File letters of testamentary
  5. Locate and protect assets
  6. Pay bills and taxes
  7. Don’t rush the process 

You can always say no if you’re unable or unwilling to serve as executor. The backup executor can step in, or a probate judge can name a replacement.

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