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Before you hire any FEE-ONLY financial adviser, CPA or lawyer from the independent 1800ADVISER.COM network or otherwise, we encourage you to ask questions and interview them.

Unlike software or robotic programs that match individuals with financial planners, CPAs or attorneys, we believe that you should be comfortable asking questions so that you can hire the best person for you and your situation. Below, is a list of typical questions we receive:  

FAQ Questions (click on each question for answer)

1Can you tell me who founded The Independent Adviser Corporation, their background and experience?
2Who writes Your Trusted Buyside Research & how is it different than sell-side research?
3Can you tell me about your investment research style?
4Do you prefer stocks, mutual funds, ETFS, bonds or other types of investments?
5What is your track record and performance?
6Can I receive personal references and what is your success with clients like me?
7What process or system will my FEE-ONLY adviser use to define my needs?
8Can you tell me what financial planning or investment management fees you charge?
9Are there minimum account sizes for financial planning or portfolio management services?
10How do FEE-ONLY advisers work with attorneys who are in the network and what happens if I have my own attorney who is not in the network?
11What is the next step and how can I begin working with you?

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All questions answered privately by email.

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